Coachingcard by Niko

The Grand Hotel of Needs



Welcome to the Grand Hotel of Needs!

As the name promises, the needs of the coachee are being focussed. The Grand Hotel can serve to identify and discuss these needs.

Based on the work of Max Neve and Rosenberg, the Grand Hotel encompasses all relevant needs that each of us experiences throughout our lives. The Grand Hotel is suitable for working with individuals, couples, small groups, as well as for self-coaching. 

So, working with the Grand Hotel is not just about taking stock or inventory control, but ultimately and especially about activating resources to satisfy unmet needs through self-effective action. The Grand Hotel of Needs is a highly intensive method and the effect is appreciated via the setting.

“In the end, a person only exists through their needs.” (Christian Hebbel)

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PVC: Coachingcard on PVC is the “robust” one forever. She likes to roll out indoors and outdoors and even loves it when people position themselves on her. Dirt and moisture don't bother her at all. If it is always stored rolled up, it will remain faithful until the end of its life!

Flag fabric: Coachingcard folded onto flag fabric is the "smooth" one that adapts to any situation. When folded small, it can be taken on trips and unfolds on the pin board or on the floor to a sizeable size for working with groups. Dirt cannot harm it as it can be easily washed.

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