Coachingcard by Niko

Summit of Success


How can a team work together successfully? The “Success Summit” is based on Patrick Lencioni’s leadership fable, which deals with the 5 dysfunctions of a team. The functions of a successful team can be walked through and filled with content like on a mountain hike together:

Trust, conflict resolution, commitment, responsibility and results orientation.

A solution- and resource-oriented view is particularly recommended: What has worked well so far in the 5 functions? You can build on that as a team. The mountain calls!

Scope of delivery: material and format + instructions



PVC: Coachingcard on Plane is the “robust” one forever. She likes to roll out indoors and outdoors and even loves it when people position themselves on her. Dirt and moisture don't bother her at all. If it is always stored rolled up, it will remain faithful until the end of its life!

Flag fabric: Coachingcard folded onto flag fabric is the "smooth" one that adapts to any situation. When folded small, it can be taken on trips and unfolds on the pin board or on the floor to a sizeable size for working with groups. Dirt cannot harm it as it can be easily washed.

Image file with watermark: Coachingcard as an image file with watermark is only intended for digital use! Please note that all digital products provided are protected by copyright and may not be distributed digitally or in printed form, in whole or in part - not distributed (§ 17 UrhG), made publicly accessible (§ 19a UrhG) or passed on to third parties in any other form.